Setting up Shipping Zones in uAfrica

Our Shipping Zones functionality allows you to offer your customers shipping rates based on their South African postcode.  This functionality can be used on either bidorbuy or Shopify or both.  The below tutorial details how to set up the feature on both platforms so you can offer the best shipping rate to your customer to maximise conversions.


Getting Started:

When you log into uAfrica, select Shipping Zones at the top of the screen.  This will open a page containing example rates. 


**VERY IMPORTANT: these are example rates and need to be customised according to own shipping rates.**


The first thing to do is create Service Levels. 



Service levels give your customers an indication of how long the goods will take to get to them, eg economy, overnight, same day, etc.  On the ‘Service Level’ page, you can create, edit and delete the service levels you offer.  Once these are set up, you can customise the rates for each service level you offer.


Next, you'll edit Rates.



To edit the rates, click on the blue link on the left of the screen, then Edit the rate on the right of the screen.  You can edit the minimum and maximum weight, the minimum and maximum order price and the shipping rate price.  You can also assign the rate to a specific Service Level and Zone.



In the backend of uAfrica, there is a post code CSV file that links your rates to a Zone.  You need to make sure you’re using the correct zone file based on where you are in SA.  We have supplied Jo’burg and Cape Town files as defaults, but if you’re located in a different Main Centre, here are links to download those files in Google Sheets:



East London


Port Elizabeth

To download the file, click File > Download as a Comma-Separated Value (.csv, current sheet) then make sure you save the file in an obvious folder on your computer. 



Next, in uAfrica, click Shipping Zones, then click Zones, then select the green Create your own button on the right of the screen. 

Give your new file a name, change the default country for your zone names (these should be South Africa unless you’re using it abroad), then upload the file to Postal Codes Mapping, select Create and you should be up and running.



Enabling Shipping Zones on bidorbuy:

To enable Shipping Zones on bidorbuy, you’ll need to first install the bidorbuy channel.  Once this has been added to uAfrica, click Shipping Zones, then select Settings and make sure your bidorbuy channel is Enabled.  This will push your customised rates to bidorbuy in the Payments and Shipping tab underneath your product image and price info in bidorbuy.


When customers view your products in bidorbuy, they can add their suburb and postcode to find out the shipping rate you’ll charge to their area.  When they checkout, this rate will appear again when they’ve added their shipping address.


Enabling Shipping Zones on Shopify:

To enable Shipping Zones on Shopify, you need to have the Real-time Carrier Rates functionality activated on your Shopify plan.  This functionality is available by default to the Advanced Shopify plan holders, however you can add the functionality to your plan in one of two ways:

  1. You can pay an additional $20 per month for the functionality
  2. If you pay for a year’s Shopify subscription upfront, they will give you a 10% discount and add the carrier rates functionality for free.

In order to activate the functionality, you’ll need to speak to a Shopify Guru.  They can be reached on 012 940 1069 or by going to their support website and either sending an email or doing a web chat.

Once you have this functionality activated on your Shopify store, log into uAfrica, click Shipping Zones, then select Settings and make sure your Shopify channel is Enabled.



If you need assistance to set Shipping Zones up or you have questions about any part of the set up process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team in the office by emailing or calling 012 940 1060.