Fulfilling orders in uAfrica

This article will show you, step by step, how to fulfill orders in uAfrica. 


Log into your uAfrica account and click Orders in the top left of the screen.

Click on an order number so you’re looking at the order details and select “Fulfill Order” in the top right of the screen.  If you don’t yet have an order to fulfill, you’ll need to create a manual order.

This will take you to the fulfillment page where you’ll see the estimate quotes from the couriers and where you can adjust the parcel’s dimensions and weight. 

The quotes are presented in 3 tabs along the top of the quote block: Cheapest, Fastest and All.   

You can also see the shipping option your customer paid for on the right of the screen. 

The customer’s details are presented underneath the shipping option they chose and consist of their email and shipping addresses.

Underneath the green block are options to adjust the dimensions and weight for the parcel.  You can also  choose the size of the shipping label you want to print, add any special instructions or partially fulfill an order.

When you change any of these options you will be prompted to refresh your quotes to reflect the correct amounts based on your values.  You can refresh by clicking the arrows in the quotes box:


Please note the quotes you see are estimates at this stage, the final value will only be charged to your uAfrica account once the parcel has been delivered.



  1. Make sure the correct parcel dimensions (weight, length, width and height) are entered otherwise the estimates you receive will be very different to the final value charged.
  2. The final charge from the courier will be based on the higher value of volumetric weight vs actual weight.


Next, click on the box with the quotation value in it.  A message will appear asking to confirm you’d like to fulfill, click the box again and your order will be fulfilled. 

A waybill will be generated based on the size you selected (you have a choice between A4, A5 or A6) and will be downloaded onto your laptop/device as a pdf document which can be printed immediately.  It is also saved on the order details page if you need to print it again.


When your parcels are wrapped and ready for collection, you will need to submit a ‘Collection Request’ to the relevant courier. 

Only one request is needed per courier, regardless of how many orders you’re processing. 

You can request a collection from your Orders page by clicking the 'Courier Collection' button in the top right of the page.



From our experience, couriers tend to do their deliveries in the morning and parcel collections in the afternoon, so if you submit your collection request before lunch time (usually 13h00) for collection in a major center the courier will collect the same day.  Make sure your collection time window has been configured in ‘Settings’.



  1. You should print 3 waybills.  One copy for your records as proof of collection; one copy for your customer as proof of delivery and one must accompany the parcel during its journey.
  2. When the driver arrives, they might ask you to write out a manual waybill, but you should hand them the digital shipping labels you’ve printed, otherwise we can’t track the parcel.
  3. Attach the waybill to the parcel or insert the waybill into the clear address pocket of the courier bag.
  4. If you don’t have any courier bags, you can request some from the driver as they normally have spares in the van.

If you have any questions or aren't sure about something, please get in touch with our support team on 012 940 1060 or you can email us at


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