Assign a Category - bidorbuy channel only

This rule is crucial to your bidorbuy channel as it maps your products into a chosen category.  If your products are in the wrong category, not only will your customers not find your products but you run the risk of getting bad reviews on your account.


Click 'Create a New Rule', this will open the rule edit page.

NOTE: You must create a new rule for each separate category and you can’t add products to more than one category.

You’ll need to edit the condition(s) assigned, this means you can choose which products you want to send to a certain category. 

You can choose products based on Product Title, Product Type, Product Vendor, Product Tags, Variant Title or All Products.

Once an option is selected, you will need to select the condition it needs to meet for the products to be mapped.  For example, ‘Product Title’ should ‘contain’ the word 'sunglasses'. You can also choose to have more than one condition by clicking the blue 'add a rule condition' button.

NOTE: If you select ‘Matches Exactly’ you must ensure that the text is input as an exact match including spaces, special characters and letter case (Capitals or lowercase) otherwise the rule will not work.

Click the rule action ‘Assign a Category’.

This will bring up the bidorbuy category mapping system.  Locate which category you’d like your products to appear in by selecting each topic within the map route.

Click 'Update rule', or if you don’t want to change anything or to go back to the previous screen, click ‘cancel’.

Create another rule repeating the above steps for each separate category.


If you have any questions about editing this rule, feel free to contact our support team in the office on 012 940 1060 or email us at