Change price/currency


This rule changes the price or the currency of the products going to a Sales Channel.  You can adjust the price by adding or removing VAT, applying discounts or even changing currencies.


Click 'Create a New Rule', this will open the rule edit page.


Here you can edit the conditions to specify which products this rule applies to or you can keep is for 'all products’

You can choose products based on Product Title, Product Type, Product Vendor, Product Tags, Variant Title or All Products.

Once an option is selected, you will need to select the condition it needs to meet for the products to be mapped.  For example, ‘Product Title’ should ‘contain’ the word 'sunglasses'. You can also choose to have more than one condition by clicking the blue 'add a rule condition' button.

NOTE: If you select ‘Matches Exactly’ you must ensure that the text is input as an exact match including spaces, special characters and letter case (Capitals) otherwise the rule will not work.


Click on the ‘Change price/currency’ box

Here you will be able to build your formula, according to how you want the price or currency changed.

Some examples:

To change from ZAR to another currency and round it off to 2 decimal places:

round($price*current exchange rate)

To remove 15% VAT from your price:


To add 15% VAT to your price:


To apply a revised pricing that includes a 20% discount:


NOTE: the discount is 20% and is represented by the value 1.20.  If the discount was 5%, the value would 1.05, or 50% would be 1.50, etc.


There are some additional functions on the right-hand side of the screen to add to your formula.  You can choose to round your formula to the nearest decimal places (you decide how many) and you can round the value up (ceiling) or down (floor) to the nearest whole number.

Click 'update rule’ to save your changes, or if you don’t want to change anything or to go back to the previous screen, click ‘cancel’.


If you have any questions about editing this rule, feel free to contact our support team in the office on 012 940 1060 or email us at