Setting up Shopify as a Channel

When you set up your Shopify channel, you can do it in two ways - as a Primary Channel or as a Sales Channel


Setting Shopify as your Primary Channel:

When you set it up as a Primary Channel, information will flow from this store, out to your other channels.  In other words, this is where the information starts from.  This is also where all orders will appear, no matter what Sales channel they happen on and you will be able to see where the orders originated by looking at the Order Notes.  When you want to add new products or change or delete products, you will do this all from your Primary Channel and it will automatically be updated on all active Sales Channels.


Setting Shopify as a Sales Channel:

When you set it up as a Sales Channel, information will flow to this store from your Primary Channel.  In other words, this is where the information ends up.  If you want to change any product information on a Sales channel, you will need to do this from the Primary Channel side, not in the Sales Channel as the information will be overridden by changes made on the primary channel.


How to install Shopify as a Primary or Sales channel:

1. From your dashboard in, select ‘Sales Channels’ at the top of the screen:

2. Click the button to ‘Add a channel’

3. Select Shopify from the options on screen


4. Add the first part of your Shopify store URL (the part before

5a. If you’re installing Shopify as your primary channel, once you have granted access to your store your products and orders will be imported to uAfrica and your Shopify store will appear as your Primary Channel.

5b.  If you’re installing Shopify as a Sales channel, when you have granted access to your store, orders will be imported to uAfrica and sent back to your Primary channel.  This means that any orders that were placed on the ‘Sales channel’ store will now appear on your ‘primary channel’ store as well. 

There is a setting in uAfrica that you can use to not allow channel orders to go back to your primary channel:



Channel Rules:

If you have Shopify set up as a Sales channel, you can set up the following rules to make sure the correct products appear on the Sales channel store in the correct format:


Include Products or Variants

This rule makes sure products from your Primary channel are included.  You can edit this rule to specify certain conditions of products to be included such as Product Title, Type or you can simply select all products. 

Exclude Products or Variants

This rule is the opposite of the ‘include’ rule above where it excludes certain products from appearing on your Sales channel.  You can also edit the conditions for this rule to specify which products should be excluded.

Assign a Template

You have the opportunity to add information to the product descriptions that appear in your Sales channel, called ‘Templates’, this rule allows you to choose which pre-written template you’d like to add to products to show up on the Sales channel.

Change price/currency

This rule changes the price or the currency of the products on the Sales Channel.  You can adjust the price by adding or removing VAT, applying discounts or even changing currencies.

Change Titles & Descriptions

If you need your product title or description to appear differently on your Sales channel, you use this rule to specify what the different will be.

Search and Replace in Titles and Descriptions

If there are hyperlinks in your product descriptions or information you don’t want the second audience to see, you change it using this rule where we will look for a certain phrase and replace it.