How to Integrate Woo Commerce Into uAfrica

Follow these simple steps to integrate your WordPress store into uAfrica.

Please make sure the following settings are activated in your Woo Commerce Plugin on WordPress before linking up the Woo Commerce Channel on

1. Log into your WordPress admin and go to Woo Commerce.

2. In the API Tab:

a) Under Settings make sure ENABLE REST API is ticked


b) Under Keys/Apps, make sure uAfrica has READ/WRITE access:

i) Click Add key

ii) A Key details page will load:

iii) In the Description text box add

iv) In the User box select the default admin user

v) In the Permissions box select Read/Write

vi) Select Generate API key

The Consumer key and Consumer secret will now be shown to you. You need to copy these values and paste them into the relevant spaces in uAfrica. 


Feel free to save them somewhere else on your computer because you might not be able to view them at a later stage.

3. Go to your WordPress Settings, select Permalinks > Common Settings and make sure Post Name is selected.


Once those settings are all done, please copy your WordPress URL (the URL once you've logged into your admin) then head over to uAfrica and follow the prompts on screen.


If you have any issues or questions, please contact support on or call 012 940 1060.