Creating a shipment

Creating a shipment

uAfrica allows you to create a shipment without an order. This means that you can still fulfill your orders as usual, but you can also ship a parcel from point A to point B without an order. This video tutorial shows you, step by step, how to create a shipment on uAfrica.

Navigate to Shipments in the left navigation panel and create a shipment. Complete the collection address and delivery address – you can also add these from your address book. Add your parcel details and additional options, and generate rates by clicking the “Get rates” button. Choose your preferred quote and book the shipment.

Shipments, whether created manually or linked to an order, are available in the Shipments tag and Manifests can be created using the bulk selection method.  


Tags can be applied to shipments during shipment creation. Tags allow you to group shipments based on your specifications and save you the time and effort of needing to filter through and identify those particular shipments.

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