Getting started on uAfrica

Getting started on uAfrica

To register on uAfrica, you will need to include your Business Name, Email Address, Contact Number, Name and Surname to open a new account. The system will then prompt you to set a default collection address, upon which your account will be created. An activation link will be sent to your email address, and you will need to set a new password as part of the verification process.  After setting up your new password, you will be directed to the uAfrica dashboard. 

Set up your collection addresses

We strongly encourage you to set up your collection address(es) if you chose to skip that step during the set-up process. To set up your addresses, navigate to Address Book in the left navigation panel and add a new address. It is vital to mark this address as a “collection address” using the toggle function. Complete every field, including an address name, and be sure to use the Google autocomplete to verify your addresses. Although you can have as many collection addresses as required, you must have one default collection address.

Configure your Shipping Settings

One of uAfrica’s best features is its customisation. Before you start shipping parcels, it is important to check your settings and make sure that everything is set up to your preferences. To access your settings, navigate to the Settings tab in the left navigation panel and configure your settings to your preferences.


Installing your sales channels

Orders can be imported into uAfrica in three ways: by creating a manual order, by importing a CSV file or by installing sales channels from which orders will automatically sync to your uAfrica account. We allow merchants to install multiple independent sales channels, depending on your account plan. 

To install your sales channels, navigate to Sales Channels in the left navigation panel and add your specific channel. It is very important to note that orders will only be synced to and from the channel they were placed on, and will not sync between channels. 

Let's start shipping!

You can ship a parcel without an order on uAfrica. To create a shipment, navigate to Shipments in the left navigation panel and create a shipment. Complete the collection address and delivery address – you can also add these from your address book. Add your parcel details and additional options, and generate rates by clicking the “Get rates” button. Choose your preferred quote and book the shipment.

Create a manual order

To create an order, navigate to Orders in the left navigation pane and create an order. Add your customer details by using the Google autocomplete function, manually or by adding it from your address book. Complete the order details and either save the order to fulfill later, or save and fulfill immediately.

Fulfill your order

To fulfill an order, navigate to an unfufilled order that you would like to complete. Select either the order number or “More fulfillment options” to open the order details page. Confirm that the delivery and collection information is correct and complete the parcel information to get rates. Choose your preferred quote and submit the shipment.

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