How will I be billed by uAfrica?

How will I be billed by uAfrica?

During the trial, you will have access to all the Gold plan benefits and will automatically receive a R150.00 shipping limit (this can be increased on request – subject to approval). When your free trial is over, you need to choose from one of four plans – Blue, Bronze, Silver or Gold. Once you have picked a plan, you will be charged a pro-rata subscription fee based on the plan you have picked and the number of days left in that month.

Each account on uAfrica will have a shipping limit, which is a rand value up to which you can ship. Every time you accept a quote and ship, a shipping charge is billed towards your account and will reduce your available account limit. When you reach 80% of your limit, you will have to settle your account before the system will allow you to do any further shipments. If you add your credit card details, the system will automatically charge your card with the relevant amount.

Once the courier confirms the charged rate for a shipment, then the initial shipping charge will be reversed and the confirmed charge rate will be applied. This will affect your shipping balance, as there can be a difference between the initial and confirmed charge. 

On the first of every month, you will be invoiced for the previous month’s subscription fee, plus all shipping charges incurred. It is important to note that your upcoming monthly subscription fee will be added as a billing transaction on the first of the month and will only be invoiced at the end of your invoice cycle. 

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